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What is Akashic Records

Compilation of thoughts, events and emotions, which are imbedded in a non-physical plane of existence, who the practitioners or theosophists call the astral plane. In her book, “Healing through the Akashic Records”, Linda Howe gives a definition of Akashic records “a healing realm made up of Akasha : the primary substance. This substance is Light “.

In Akashic Records all exists – animals, living things, persons, spoken words, every thought from the past and the future. It is electro-magnetic records of all living and non-living things. This information is derived only through a special technique which takes years to master.

Through the Akashic Records everyone can get answers to their questions from higher perspective, beyond their feelings and thoughts. You can see yourself, world, people, animals, living things from different point of view.Akashic Records