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What is Reiki

The Reiki practice is a series of Japanese techniques which if performed correctly, can reduce stress and provide relaxation which leads to healing. The reiki technique is performed by a certified Reiki practitioner who lays his hands over certain points of your body. There is no actual physical contact, but the vibration of energy flowing from the practitioner will cause your body points, or Chakras, to have a more free flowing energy. Each chakra has a specific connection to certain portions of the body. If those chakras are not functioning properly, you might be more inclined to get sick or feel stress. If your life force energy, the one flowing through these chakras is in its high state, you are more likely to be happy and healthy.Healing powers of Reiki

By definition Reiki means:
Rei – divine wisdom, divine guidance, divine knowing
Ki – Universal life force energy, that surrounds everything and everyone

During a meditative state experience the Buddhist monk Mikao Usui, received the gift of Reiki in 1922 year. Reiki includes the Three Pillars – Gassho, Reiji – Ho and Chiryo. Gassho meditation – two hands together at your heart center (you connect with Reiki power).Reiji – Ho – pray for recovery of the patient. Chiryo – treatment (hands on body positions). Reiki also includes five principles: Just for today, today only, choose to: 1/ no anger 2/ no worry 3/ be grateful 4/work hard 5/ be kind to other and yourself