A Place of Healing for your Spiritual and Physical Self

Reiki - Reiki sessions start with introduction into the Reiki practice (first-time clients only); addressing the cleint's porblems; cleansing the aura; detecting the seven chakras with the crystal pendulam; placing hands on main body positions.learn more

• Reiki Session 1 hour  – $70

Holographic Memory Resolution(HMR) - HMR sessions start with introduction to the Holographic Memory Resolution method (first-time clients only); addressing the physical body - somatic pains or traumatic experiences; creating a safe place; working with verbal techniques; entering the moment of trauma reframing; all while in a safe space. learn more

• HMR Session 1 hour  – $80

Akashic Records - A.R. sessions start with what is Akashic Records practice (first-time clients only); following with opening the personal Akashic Records or those of loved ones; providing valuable information. learn more

• Akashic Records Session 1 hour  – $50

Hypnosis - hypnosis sessions start with introduction into the practice (first-time clients only); and understanding into what area in the person's life is being addressed, whether is any kind of additctions, confidence or fears & phobias.

• Hypnosis Session 1 hour  – $80

Reiki Classes - offering training workshops and certification for Reiki beginners and enthusiasts. Reiki level One, teaches students all the basics of energy healing for self and others. The Reiki level Two class teaches the student techniques of distance healing. No prior experience is required in health care or natural healing.

• Level One & Level Two – $400